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At Shenny's, we use Pressotherapy  to duplicate the action of massage on the arms/legs to provide immediate arm/leg comfort and lightness during our  facial treatments.  

Pressotherapy is supposed to be good for enhancing the circulation of lymph in the lymphatic system. Our clients have found it to be beneficial in reducing muscle and tension aches and pains in the arms/legs.  It is also beneficial for treatment of lymphedemous cellulitis in the initial stages.  

During treatment the system slowly inflates one boot and when it is completely inflated, it starts to release the pressure in that boot while it inflates the other.  There is an intense feeling of  a strong squeezing sense of pressure (certainly not unpleasant) on the entire arm/leg as the boot inflates which is followed by a feeling of relaxation as the pressure is gently released. This alternative procedure of inflation and deflation on one leg and then the other continues for the entire duration of the treatment.

The pumping effect of Pressotherapy reduces premenstrual oedema (oedema during menstrual periods is linked to the fluid-retaining effects of estrogen and progesterone. The true benefit comes from  compression driving excessive interstitial fluid to return to the circulatory system which enhances the blood circulation from the arms/legs to the heart.  The overall effect is in the reduction of the feeling of "heavy arms" or "heavy legs" that have oedma that are so sensitive even to touch and have muscle pain. 

Pressotherapy can be done as a treatment on its own or it can be a an effective "add-on" for a facial treatment because it improves poor skin tone and bags under the eyes compounding your rejuvenation with luxurious relaxation! 

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