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Theading is a common method of temporary hair removal for any area of the face and for shaping the eyebrows.  It is said to have been been used for a long time by India's "Royalty" and even by Cleopatra in her time!   Middle Eastern and Asian women even today enjoy this simple effective art of looking pristine (regardless of age) without spending enormous amounts of time and money to reveal a smoother, softer, "hair-free" skin.  Apparently, it has been embraced by 1994's Miss World "Aishwarya Rai" (now "Aishwarya Rai-Bachan"). When demonstrated by an experienced artist, THREADING is always held in awe for its absolute simplicity, efficacy, versatility and virtually frugal cost and as one of the least harmful methods of temporary hair removal.  Threading results may last for up to 2 weeks to 3 months depending on your individual hair growth.


1)To experience a more thorough clean up than tweezing and/or waxing. 

2)To get excellent eye brow definition with quick, precision shaping at each visit.

3)To  avoid use of chemicals – hair removal depilatories that are applied to remove hair often damage skin.      Compare this to 
  threading with just cotton thread that is twisted around each individual hair to extricate it from its follicle and the thread gets one
  hair or several hairs at a time. 

5)      To save sensitive skin from the trauma of being waxed. With threading, we can ensure that the cotton thread just grabs the
  unwanted hair while barely touching the skin which saves the skin from the trauma of being pulled like it is when waxing is

7)Experience an unusual smoothness and hair free skin with the thread picking up even the fine vellus hairs that are not always
    readily visible. 

8)Facial Threading is a good alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensiitive people and for people who are on Retin         A or Accutane.

*  Please allow a few minute/hours depending on your sensitivity for any pinkish or redish areas to return to the normal skin color.

Call (403) 669-0310 to book your appointment for a professional threading treatment.

FACE THREADING $25                         EYEBROW THREADING $20

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